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Just drinking one glass of Tuscany Diet a day will help you to lose weight, it's as easy as that!

Sugar Free
Lactose Free
Gluten Free
No Soy
No Fillers


Desperate Mum Loses 44 Pounds After Failing On 15 Previous Diets. Linda Avery was at her wit’s end. She was 5’3 and weighed 197 pounds. Linda had tried 15 different diets and products to lose weight. “You name and I tried it – from cycling classes, personal trainers, weight loss clinics, the paleo diet, prescription pills, even crazy things like the grapefruit diet. Nothing worked for me. Then my doctor recommended The Tuscany Diet superfood powder mix. What a blessing it has been. I just drink one glass a day.

I have finally lost weight (44 pounds) and have kept it off easily for over a year now!” (Tuscany, Italy) - If you go to Tuscany, Italy and look around, you will be amazed: almost all the people are slim and trim, young-looking for their age, full of energy, and moving around with no joint pain or heart problems. In this scenic land, obesity is rare despite an abundance fattening dishes like cheesy pepperoni pizza and fettuccini Alfredo. And health problems like joint pain, fatigue, erratic blood sugar, high blood pressure and cholesterol or memory loss are also rare.

How could this be possible? Scientists discovered the secret to this great health and longevity is the foods people in Tuscany eat. In fact, a panel of 41 health experts from U.S. News and World Report ranked their way of eating to be #1 for health and longevity. Linda, 57, said: “I lost 44 pounds, have a lot more energy and my knee and shoulder pains have gone away since I started drinking The Tuscany Diet.” Frank Totshaler, 44, wrote “My wife and I just love the taste of this drink mix and it has ended our health problems too. She no longer has erratic blood sugar and my blood pressure is way down. We both have more energy and each lost over 20 pounds.

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